Hi guys, I’m trying to set up my own domain and publish my first application but after 24 hours still seeing this message.

I’ve bought the domain at registro.br and using cloudflare as well. Here are some pictures from my setup and DNS Checker results.


Should I wait more or it’s something wrong with the set up?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there @vitorbgaspar,

For a little more background, what is your domain name exactly?

hey there @johnny , it’s feshow.app.br

Hey there @vitorbgaspar,

Rather than feshow as the value of the A record have you tried @ instead?

@johnny not yet, I thought that should match what bubble has in the name field. One thing that looks odd to me is that cloudflare says there are some steps to complete the setup but no further info is provided by bubble to complete those fields (no IP)

I would try switching it to @ instead and see if that works.

wow! It works! Thanks @johnny . Bubble should keep that @ there, not the name itself.

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