Domain Name Issues

Hi, hoping someone here can help me. I’m trying to set up my website, and have set up the domain on Bubble. I then need to make changes on my godaddy domain record as shown below:

However, having spent 30 mins on the phone with godaddy, it is not clear what needs to be done exactly. We have set up 2 ‘A’ records as shown below on godaddy, but to set up the other 2 ‘A’ records (the www ones), godaddy support team have said that can only be done if the C record is deleted as the C record currently uses ‘www’ in the name, and they cannot have an A record with this while the C record is there. They do not know if this is what Bubble wants and said to get help from Bubble before deleting the C ‘www’ record.

I’ve watched a bubble video - but this doesn’t help as the changes specified there involve the CNAME and ALIAS/ANAME (the video is from 2019 so I’m guessing Bubble has changed things since!).

I’ve checked the Bubble manual - - but this does not mention needing to delete the C record on godaddy.

Please can someone advise me on how to sort this out?

Yes, you need to first delete the existing CNAME (www) record that points to @, as GoDaddy wont allow you to add www A Records if you have a CNAME for www.

So just remove the www CNAME then you’ll be able to add the 2 remaining A records from Bubble and your domain will be ready to go.

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