Do any experts have time for a brief phone call? I will pay

Hi I just have a quick question, I’ve been stuck on this problem for a day and I know there’s a simple answer. I just need an extra set of eyes if anyone is available for a phone call or facetime?
Ill paypal $15 if you can figure out the problem.

All it is, is correctly displaying active bids on a particular product page.

I have a joint table displaying the product and all bids connected to said product. I want to filter the repeating group to only show active bids on said product.

I can help without payment. I’m free for the next 20 minutes. Send me a zoom link!

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THANK YOU :raised_hands: What email should i send link to?

THANK YOU, @nocodeventure figured out the problem in 30 seconds flat!!! :partying_face:

No worries, feel free to share the answer with the community so others can learn :slight_smile:

Of course,

So for future reference all you had to do in this particular situation is add an advanced filter onto the repeating groups data source, it is helpful to check ignore empty constraints. You cannot add the constraint to the original data source because it is linked to a joint table. A joint table is two data types as a data type. You have to add the advanced filter to get inside the data types preferred data type if that makes sense!

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