Responsive Design - Pop up changing size

I have a pop up with 3 tabs within it. When I click 2 of the tabs it shows a group with a repeating group within it. The popup stays the right size. When I click the 3rd tab, it shows a group with a group within it (not repeating group) and this group expands the bottom of the pop up downward. When I delete the group within the group this behavior goes away so I know its the group causing this issue. Is there a way to prevent the group from doing this to the popup?

Narrowed it down to an icon element throwing things off.

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Those pesky rogue elements always throw things off. Good catch! :raised_hands:

thanks!! I thought it worked but it didnt LOLOL will keep trying!

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Hmm :thinking:

Are your groups overlapping each other or stacking on top like legos? See example: Understanding Vertical Scrolling Elements in Bubble - #8 by J805

Make sure your groups stack down the popup so the popup is longer than it should be, just make sure collapse height when hidden is checked. :blush: