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Do private apps become public when my trial ends?

My free trial is about to end, will all my private apps become public when it does?

I would doubt it, but they will probably stop working until you either pay the subscription or change it yourself.

We’re pretty generous here for now, so we don’t make the apps public automatically yet. They become public when you edit them again after your trial ends. The safe way to avoid public apps for sure though is to get on a personal plan.


I think it’s smart of SaaS companies like Bubble to offer free trials that are full-powered but not actually usable: e.g. only a couple of users are allowed. That gives developers time to determine if it will work for them, without letting anyone take advantage.

It’s true that having my app public is uncomfortable. What I’m going to do is use the trial to test all of my important functionality, without actually creating my app or revealing its nature. Once I’m confident in Bubble, I’ll buy a plan.

You will find that Bubble meets your criteria. We are SAAS providers, and have used the standard stacks to build applications. What Bubble gives in comparison is speed of development and a very nice debugging console, allowing us to produce applications in a tenth of time. I.e took us 3 Years to develop on a typical development set up and built on Bubble took us just under 3 months.

What would be advantageous would be to save useful templates, for re-use. Not public or private, just for storage purposes.