Per-account pricing

Hi everyone, as far as I understand Bubble pricing is currently set to a per-application basis. Meaning for each app I need to pay at least 29 USD (Personal). Is there a way to pay for the whole account with many micro apps? My use case is that I have a number of clients, who use a number of micro apps, and for some of the 29 USD per month just doesn’t make sense…

Is what you’re looking for the Agency Plan ?

Don’t know the details, I haven’t used it myself.

I don’t think so. Agency plan allows you to access and develop apps under clients’ accounts (I think). Once you deploy an app, the client needs to pick a subscription for this particular app.

What I’m looking for is basically a reselling model. So e.g. I would buy bubble’s capacity for X USD monthly, and would be able to resell it for Y USD to my clients. This is quite often used with similar platforms.

That would still work if you charge your clients $Y monthly and use part of that money to pay for their app’s premium plan.

The only issue is if you are planning to resell the apps for less than $29, but then your business runs into a bigger problem : you’d be basically selling apps with premium-plan features at a lower rate than bubble’s own plans. I’m not sure they would want people to profit off of that.