Does bubble have any dev tools like branching or change reviews?

Or more generally - how does bubble scale to more than one developer?

Branching is useful for being able to have developers working on features of different time scales. How do people that currently?

Also how do you manage accountability? How do you do “code” reviews?


Multiple development versions are available on our Professional plan (1 additional branch) and Production plan (14 additional branches). No specific “code” review mechanisms available at the moment.

Ok. Hows does a “merge” take place? Is it just automatic behind the scenes or can someone see all the changes that are being made when merging? How are changes to DB fields managed?

This whole area is a critical piece of functionality for Bubbleto be usable for anything that prototypes and mvps or for websites that are just managed by a couple of people.

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I’d love to know more about how merging branches too.

We’ve started with Bubble but need to understand what happens as our team and development needs expand.

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