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I am currently working on my Sendgrid implementation for transactional emails and am getting some disappointing deliver rates at the moment. I have authentication set up and unsubscribe blocks but delivery is still somewhat unreliable. I have run mail tester and have a few things I can work on. So here are my questions.

  1. Would setting up sending from my own IP help or hurt? I would think that Sendgrid works to keep the reputation of their IPs up, but it could be better coming from my own. But blacklisted IPs was one of the main issues noted by Mail Tester.
  2. How can I send a html and a plain text version of my email together? Mail Tester is telling me that I only have mime type html.
  3. The last big issue was having a long hex URI. I kinda doubt I’ll be able to fix this, but would love to be wrong.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Since these are transactional emails, it is vital that they get to my customers.


Funny we just chatted on Meetaway and I have actually just been dealing with this.

I did absolutely everything to improve deliver-ability through SendGrid (verification, dmarc, etc). But the one thing I could not do was get the IP address changed or improved. It is very expensive to pay for a dedicated one, and the address they have my account on is blacklisted by Outlook, so a lot of customers with Outlook and Hotmail emails are not receiving emails.

To fix this I am making the switch right now to Postmark. A cool bootstrapped but successful company that specializes in deliver-ability and speed of sending. Takes a bit to get everything setup, but the testing is very promising and I their customer service and documentation has been great. Going live with the updates tonight and hoping to see an improvement

Interested to hear if others have any solutions

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I’d be curious to know your results. It wouldn’t be so bad if my emails were only getting sent to a junk folder, but they aren’t event getting past the server at the moment. That’s a non-starter if you’re sending account setup emails.

Anyone else dealt with this?


Hi there Ian…

I’m getting the same problem. Patchy delivery to Hotmail. Am also moving to Postmark next week.

@gf_wolfer, if you have any of the details of how you set up the API connections to and from Postmark that you’d be willing to share, it would be much appreciated. I’m certainly willing to share as much as I can on the forum here once I’m set up.

One thing to note with Postmark is they will hold back your messages if they start to appear more like mailshots than purely transactional.

Best wishes,

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That’s strange, I’ve used SendGrid (although just transitioned off and into Drip on Monday) and my deliverability was always 95%+, and I had the $14.95 account.

PS. The reason I moved to Drip was because they offered more marketing related features that SG just didn’t offer.

Overall it is high deliverability. But from what I can tell it really depends on luck of the draw. If your account gets assigned a blacklisted IP address to send from, then you are out of luck (depending who blacklisted it)

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They are some simple API calls for basic emails, more advance if you want to use templates. I’ll put some info up soon, but I think Nigel also had a quick screenshot of it if you search for Postmark in the forums

I’m using ConvertKit for marketing emails. I just need the SG integration for transactional. I’m going to add the custom IP and see how that helps.

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Hi there Geoff… thanks for the reply. Yes, I have Nigel’s screen shot which I will start with. I’m still relatively new at setting up bi-directional API calls to other services, so am always on the lookout for any snippets of info that help on the way.

It will be great to hear how you get on with Postmark compared to Sendgrid.

Speak soon!

I have something weird happening with SendGrid regarding deliverability:

With the same SendGrid account, domain, etc. my emails send with the built-in Bubble feature are delivered to my inbox, while emails send via the API connector (Bearer authorisation) do not (nothing in the spam folder).

Both are indicated as delivered in SendGrid… :upside_down_face:

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