"Don't Have An Account? Sign Up" Button Doesn't Work

Hello! Added and edited the Sign up / Sign In Form Template element.
In the form there’s an option to switch between the signing in and the signing up forms, but it doesn’t work for me after editing.

I know that I need to set a Workflow to make it work, and I did it just the same as it is in the template but it’s till not working.

I’d appreciate it if someone can help me to solve this problem.

The concept you’re exploring is called states. A state is a temporary value on the current page that can be used to do a variety of things: hold data, be used as an indicator, etc.

Within the login/signup popup, there are two groups that have conditional logic that controls when they are visible and not visible. The conditional logic is referencing those temporary states: signup and login.

So, when you set the mode to “signup”, that makes the Sign Up group visible. When you set the mode to “login”, that makes the Login group visible.

I have a handful of LearnTo tutorials that cover these concepts. (Here’s one on the signup/login process and introduction to states logic.

Thanks a lot for the information and the video resources!
They have been very helpful and helped me make it work.

I’ll definitely watch your videos for more knowledge.

EDIT: I just noticed that when I press the button to show up the registration form, it shows up, and I can switch between the forms.
However. when I press the button to show up the login form, it shows up, but after that it also shows up when I press on the button that shows the registration form.

Is there a way I can show it to you?

Sure, you can set your app to public and share the URL of your editor with me in a private message.

For those who encounter with the same issue in the future:

The issue was that I set the elements to show up with the Show Element action.
Use the Set State action instead!

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