Double charged multiple times by Bubble

So, I don’t know if anyone else has issues, but it seems Bubble decides to randomly bill you twice 2 days before your actual billing date.

This is the second time now bubble has done this, and I expect no refund as they don’t like to give them, even when we are not at fault.

I’m sure they’ll give you a refund if it’s a mistake. Just email And if you accidentally have 2 accounts, be sure to cancel one.

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If you open your two invoices, you’ll see which apps you’re being charged for. To @philnauta’s point, you may have two different apps you’re being billed for.

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Thank You all for your replies.

I’m in contact, and I do not have more than one app and or account active with Bubble.

This charge is not showing up in my account invoices so something is wrong on someone’s end.

Probably not it, but once I was confused by a Bubble charge and then I realized it was a plugin I had purchased.

As @philnauta said, I’d email support.