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Downloading multiple files using the Link feature

I have had issues downloading files which have been stored in the DB as a list. I have been able to successfully upload and download single files but as soon as there are multiple I end up with a error message. I don’t think it should be too complicated but I cant work out how to tell bubble it is a list it should be finding for download.

Thanks Guys

Error Message Example:

I’m just guessing here, but it looks like technically, you did download the list. The list is a list, a file is a file. If you’re asking to download the list, you’ll get the list that references the files, but not the files themselves. I think what you’re asking to do is to download all the files within this list. Is that correct?

Yeah exactly I’m trying to download all files which have been uploaded together as a list in a data field. Currently it works only with single files.

Any suggestions on how the dynamic data should be?

You’ll probably need to run an API workflow on a list. I’d start by searching for how to do that.

This is tricky - I have never had the need to download all the files a user has uploaded. I have only used “Download” functionality to download a single file at a time. You have an interesting use case - but I can’t think of a way to make that happen (without getting involved with loads of check boxes etc).

Thanks for the Reply. I do not need the user to download all their files; I will use the “do a search for function” to search for a list of files which have a common reference number. These files will be downloaded. This is where the error message currently shows

I think it would be best to follow practices by companies like Google:

Upon selecting multiple files in Drive, Google converts that selection into a ZIP. I imagine this could technically be done via a custom API Connector call… a quick search led me to one example of an available API that allows you to submit a list of files to convert:

In one of my apps, I simply created a repeating group with HTML links that look like:

Notice the ‘download’ text after the href. This triggers an immediate download instead of opening in a new tab. Ideally, Bubble would allow you to append this ‘download’ text to a Bubble-native link/href so that you could run a workflow on a list and just tell the person’s browser to repeatedly ‘Navigate to new page’ and auto-download whatever file is currently in the queue.


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