Drag & Drop with Repeating Groups

I am trying to create a Recipe using Ingredients. In my Ingredients table, each item has:

  • name
  • brand
  • serving size
  • calories

I want to use a drag/drop group to visually move ingredients from a repeating group of Ingredients to a droppable group. Once they are in the droppable zone to be used in the recipe, I want to display a repeating group of the ingredients they selected from the Ingredients table. How do I do this??

Then, I want the user to be able to change the servings BEFORE that ingredient is saved in the recipe. For example, the serving size on a loaf of bread is one slice but my user needs to use 8 slices in the recipe. The “holding” area needs to have a place for the user to change the quantity, which will then update the calories.

After that, they need to click a button to SAVE THIS RECIPE in the recipes table.

I am unable to get what is dragged to show up in the drop zone. Then I am lost as to how to get those items saved as a list in the Recipe table.

Can someone please help? Thank you!


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