Drop down menu — type on keyboard to jump to a value?

Perhaps I’m overlooking it or it depends on what OS and browser I’m using, but how does one make their drop down menus such that when viewing the list of available choices in a long drop down menu one can start typing on their keyboard to jump to a particular value?

For example, if needed to select Florida from a list of US states you could just press “f” on your keyboard while the drop down menu is focused to select it. That’s standard behavior elsewhere on the internet but I can’t seem to get it to behave that way in Bubble.

What about a search box?

I thought about that, but what if I want to list all available options like a drop down menu does? Should I create a group focus under the search box with a repeating group inside it and a clickable group in each cell? The idea feels clunky. I just want to reproduce expected internet browser behavior for many or most drop down menus.

Wait a sec - should I use the multi select drop down menu plugin and limit choices to one value? Is that the simplest solution?

I don’t have any experience with that plug-in and I’m unfortunately not at a computer to try it out.

I totally get your question and it’s valid. It’s definitely common throughout the web to have a search filter within a drop down. I feel it’s also pretty common to not though.

Many sites use similar functionality to the search box. Some don’t even have that — instead using just a simple input.

One option that isn’t ideal, but could help break down the search is to create two drop downs. The first being a selection of regions in the US.

In your example, the user would press “Southeast” then conditionally show the next drop down (when the first drop downs value is not empty) where the options are only the states in the Southeast.

I also think your group focus idea could do the trick and be clear (and not clunky) with some good design.

Hi. I have a plugin this week that will do exactly what you want. This is in beta test for a few weeks nows and I will release it.

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Sounds interesting!

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