Save Data Changes

I am trying to save data to a table for an existing record. I want to save the data based on the values the user enters with the key to the record to update on the screen as well.

I tried to use make changes to a thing, but it does not show my table.

When I try to do a search I see my table, but get the below error.

I am sure I am going about it incorrectly so any tutorials or documentation would be appreciated.

Check for any data type mismatch such as you are saving 1 thing to a different type of thing or you are saving a list to a field that is not defined as such. If you have already checked those, please submit a bug report.

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Thanks for the reply, but I am not even getting as far as setting it up.

I don’t see my tables in the drop down.

Bubble is new for me so I am probably not understanding how to use it.

Choose ‘do a search for’ then find the thing / table you created from the dropdown

Yeah that is what I been trying to do but I get the error message I mentioned. I think I got past it by select first item. See below image for example.

Three questions:

  1. Is that the correct way?
  2. Can I constrain the search based on a value of an element on the page? I don’t see any elements in the drop down box.
  3. Also why don’t I see any of my tables in the drop down. When look at other examples in the forum they seem to be able to see their tables. See second Image.

Tables not in drop down:

I am having the same issue. My data will not upload to an existing table.

Any help you can provide would be helpful>

Once I selected firstitem and put the constraint on the search portion, all fields started to show

@consultant8555 To make sure we understand, please confirm which option below matches your issue.

Option A: Are your testing steps like this:

  1. Go to Data > Data Types > Create a type and add fields
  2. Go to Design > add a button > click start/edit workflow
  3. In Workflow > for the button’s workflow, add a ‘create a new thing’ or ‘make change to thing’ action
  4. In action property editor, click ‘set another field’ > in newly created input, click to reveal dropdown
  5. Error: Dropdown does not have the field created in step 1

Option B: Or are you uploading a csv file using these steps:

  1. Go to Data > Data Types > Create a type and add fields
  2. Go to Data > App Data > View = one of the data types created in step 1 > click ‘Upload’
  3. Upload popup shows, you follow steps like selecting data type, delimiter, picking a file, mapping fields, validating and then finally upload but it gets stuck here

I am doing option A however none of the data will show after I have I followed steps 1-4. Once I followed steps 1-4 I go to preview and none of the data shows in the app veiw all data.

@consultant8555 Thanks. So if the issue is that data shows in the database in the editor but does not show on the page in runmode, check if data type has privacy roles or Repeating Group has constraints on a search or show/hide conditionals.

@billalbert05 and @neerja: I am also having the same issue.

I have 2 tables:

  1. user table with its mobile number as primary field
  2. custom table with mobile number as primary field as well.

I want to search for the mobile number to check if the user exists and then for that mobile number populate the custom table data. I am then making relevant changes to the fields in the custom table for that mobile number then trying to save it. But none of it is working. I am not at all able to save the data.

I was hoping you could help me figure this out. I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@saurabh.nachiket Please share a link to a test app that shows this behavior

@neerja: here is my sample app. Please check and help me.

@neerja I guess I have figured it out.