Dropdown Not Showing on Live Site

I set up a dropdown element to pull the list of MP (government representatives) by their constituency. I want the user to select their constituency from the list. (once they do, then I have a workflow that adds that data to their profile).

When I run on preview, the options appear, but when I run on the live site, the dropdown shows no options. Help please!

Is there data in your live database?

I believe so. I populated the App Data with all the MP info.

Click the red Switch to live database link in your screenshot and see if there is any data in the live database (FYI, your development and live databases are separate). If there isn’t, click the red Copy and restore database link and copy the data from development to live.

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That’s your development database…

Thank you guys so much! Yes, I see that I need to replicate the data now.


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