Dropdown Sector Issue


I’m currently trying to create a dropbox list of items that shows a list of sectors from one data type and then the default value is from another datatype. The idea is that there will be businesses on one data type and there will be a sector option which is fetched from one data type and then stored as the sector type for that business.

Is this possible?

I think that you just need to complete the default value with Sector’s name
I believe that Candidate Sector is a Field of Type Sector. So you have the same data type using this way.

This doesn’t work as the default value is from the data type “Candidates” not “Sectors”.

Which type of field is “Sectors” in candidate app?
You should use Sector for data type. But according to your screenshot, I guess this is set to Text or something like that right?

Yes it’s text in the ‘Candidates’ data type. :smile:

This is why it doesn’t work.
You can
A) change the Sector field in Candidate to be of type Sector instead of text
B) change the dropdown Type of choice to be Text instead of Sector.

Thanks for your feedback.

I just tried A and the options list is then blank and when I tried B, I just get an endless loop of Sector names (see attached)

With option A)
The Option Caption should stay Current Option’s sector name
The Default vlaue should Parent User sector

Sorry I put the field in the ‘Sector’ data type instead of ‘Candidate’ by accident. This now works thank you! However, I’m having trouble saving it to the field now! Any ideas?

just use This dropdown value should be enough

Yeah that worked, thanks so much! I think I’m overthinking the process somewhat. Haha

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