Dropdown value stays on empty or default value


I have a dropdown selection issue…

I added a dropdown list, it’s purpose is to display in another group an image attached to the choice I click on.
(I put a default value, so i know the image is diplayed as wanted, that part works.)

Issue is : when I try to click on another value in the dropdown, it automatically selects back the default one. Clicking on the other values doesn’t change the selection.
I tried removing the default value, the problem is the same : dropdown automatically selects empty value.

Parameters are these ones :

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

What did you set the source for the other group where the image is displayed?

The image group’s source is the parent group

I made a loom if it helps :

15 seconds into loom you show data source as “parent groups cave”.

What data source of parent groups cave (group sous)?

Also check the conditionals to make sure nothing is overriding it.

My brain isn’t working well this minute so possibly I’m missing something simple here.

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