Dropdown won't save value

Hi guys,

I am making a little website to show house for sale.

On the add a listing page, i have a dropdown on which people can chose two answers.

The problem is when they come back to this page after having saved this listing (for example if they want to modify it) the page will load nearly all informations from the listing except the value of this dropdown. So people need to choose it again if they want to save their listing… could you help me please, telling me where i should look for this function ?

Thanks, have a very good day


You haven’t set a default value…

Thanks, but what shoud i put in this ? sorry i am pretty new to Bubble in general :slight_smile:

You need to put the value you want to drop-down to display by default (i.e. the saved value) - presumably you’re already doing this for all your other inputs (as you said those are working), so you just need to do the same for the drop-down.

Thanks. I am using a template and the fact is that there are many input, and when i try to use the same parameters it doesn’t work on my dropdown. Inputs are working with this condition :

Well if that’s the condition you need to use, just use the same condition on the drop-down and set the default value accordingly (but I thought you were getting the value from the database?)…

I did but it doesn’t work ? I don’t really know i think the goal is to use the database but it seems this template is working like this… will i get some problems of using it like this ?

I took some more screenshots. Here is the theme i am using : Real Estate Directory Template | Bubble

I can’t comment on a specific template, or how it’s been built, but the images you’ve posted there don’t make much sense (the default value of the drop-down is its own value - which makes no sense at all)…

Without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do it’s very hard to give any specific advice… but generally, making an input display a saved value is a very simple thing to do.

So if you don’t yet understand how to do it, I’d recommend taking a step back and learning the basics of bubble from the very beginning - then whatever it is you’re trying to do should be simple, once you understand the basics.

On a side note - this is one of the reasons I generally wouldn’t recommend using templates in Bubble (especially for beginners) as it can be much harder to decipher someone else’s template (even for advanced users) than it is to build the underlying logic yourself.