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Hello! I need your help, for saving and displaying data in real time, for all users. I have drop-down lists, in which I select items (the first screenshot). But the set points are now visible only to me and when the page is updated they again become the default (the second screenshot). How can I make sure that the selected items are displayed and saved for all users, for every change or update of the page?

Bubble apps already work with data displaying in real time, in your case a think you need to set up the initial value for every input you have there, retrieving the value from the database or saved with conditionals in the state of each element :slight_smile:

The fact that I’m new to the bubble, and what’s more, my knowledge of English leaves much to be desired)))) In the bubble I work with Google translator, and some things he translates incorrectly, and you can easily get confused. I understand that I need to perform some sort of algorithm to accomplish my tasks, but I do not know which direction to look for this algorithm.

Which of these states can help me save the data and display it to other users?

there’s two ways, you first need to display the default value of your input in this field, like this:

and you need to save the information in your database via a workflow, for example this one that is triggered when the input value is changed:


another way is by using states: you create a new custom state, lets say: “value” and with a workflow you can set the state of that value with what was put on the input, like this:


and then display the dropdown state “value” as initial content:


Thank you so much. I’ll try to figure it out.

I tried the second option, but nothing changes.


I select one of the options in the drop-down menu
And after updating the page, my choice is not saved
What am I doing wrong?

sorry, I forgot to add that you need to upload the value when loading the page if you are going to use the second option, since the states are temporal. this option is only better than the first if you are not planning to retrieve the value from the database and you are going to put it manually

Could you tell me how to do this?

simply use a Workflow: when page is loaded and an action to set state: 37

It still does not work. I do not know already what is wrong.Screenshot_39

I think I’m confusing you with the method of the states. I advice you to better try the first method which is easier. you just need to create a workflow for when the input value changes and put an action that modify a thing in your database with the fields that contain the values. then in the dropdown you simply put in default value the path " thing’s field’s value". send me a PM with the link to your app to further help you with it.

The question is still topical. Really no one can help in this matter?

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