Dunamic yes/no parameter with "schedule API workflow on a list" action

Hi everyone

I am trying to schedule API workflow on a list, and the backend workflow have a parameter of type yes/no:

This workflow creates new message.

For each Item of chat's Messages I want to a different yes/no value to be passed via even? parameter, If the created messages count is even then the value is yes and if the messages count is odd then the value is no:

I thought this should result yes then no then yes etc. since the messages increase with each iterationو but it resulted no always.

How can achieve this?

Have you tried adding the :formated as text at the end of the expression?


No because this will return a text value not a yes/no value.

I made a workaround like this:

Good to know and thanks for posting your workaround!

You can also change the boolean to a Text field and use the Yes or No text in the conditional for the action or the workflow

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