Dynamic 'GET' requests

Hey all,

I’m setting up an API ‘GET’ request and so far it’s all working well.

The only issue I have now is that I want to set up another parameter.

Currently I have a parameter for linkedin in the URL, but now I want to set up an email parameter.


Would anyone know how the endpoint will look like, or does it depend on how the string is in the API documentation - for example, in the API the email is either ‘work_email’ or ‘personal_email.’

Would the endpoint be something like: &work_email=[email]

Any help is appreciated greatly.


When you define your query params include any that you might use, and make them optional. Any that you leave blank will just be passed as null (or not passed at all - i’m not totally sure, but the end result is the same)

Rather than doing it in the URL with [] dynamics use what @brian1 said by utilizing all potential values.

However, for best practice your call won’t be structured in the URL.

Switch the type from a JSON to a form data with the drop down.

Add the parameters under body params and select the query string checkbox. This way any empty values will be left out and bubble will auto structure the URL