Dynamic input image based on a parameter and picture uploader with a default value

Hi, I’d like to save in a record an input image not loaded by any user (later I have planned to make this image to depend on an url parameter but currently I’m not able to save this value into the database neither without implementing the parameter…).
This Input image is like a Status Indicator. I have 4 images for 4 different possible status: a Lost Pet can be Sighted, Rescued, Homecome and Lost.
I created 4 hidden picture uploaders on the input page, each of them are pointing to one of the images representing each status I have defined, then in my workflow I will try to save into the field StsofLostPetVisual the image which corresponds to the Status I want (this will corresponds to the URL parameter in the future but as I said before the function does not work neither if I tried to load one image statically)
here below an example:


hidden picture uploaders are as follows (one for each status):

I also tried other parameters like :saved to S3 or :encode to base64 but I can’t solve the issue, I did not receive any errors in debugger but simply did not see any value saved in the record.

What am I doing wrong ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I tried a different way by setting up each Picture uploader with Dynamic Value as following:


In the database table I’m using one Image field for each status, each field has a Status Image saved as default value.

Neither this way solve the issue, when I’m looking to the input form I can’t view dynamic images displayed.

Why ?

Picture uploader seems to wait for a local image manually uploaded by browsing some kind of resources despite of the fact I’ve tried to preload there a default value…

thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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