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Dynamic, stacked groups


Does anyone know if it’s possible to build a “stack” of groups, that are dynamic in the way that if you close one, another one moves up to take its place. 1) Is there a built-in feature that can be used for this, or there isn’t 2) can it be solved by some clever means?

The property “Collapse this element’s height when hidden” on a group will make it appear that the second group moves in place of the first when the first is hidden.


I didn’t know that! Thanks!

@Scott This is great. Is there anyway to bind groups together so that when one disappears, everything below it moves up?

I have a repeating group underneath 4 dynamic, stacked groups. When only 1 out of 4 dynamic, stacked group is displayed. I want the repeating group (which displays different data) to move up directly underneath of the group. Is this possible?

EDIT: Nevermind, if you group everything together inside of a shape, this feature is automatic. Awesome!

See my demo of this here:

and in the editor:

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Thank you for the demo! Is there a specific setting that “tells” box 2 that Y coordinate should change when box 1 is hidden? I looked through the settings, but couldn’t see it. Or does it apply automatically when Collapse this element’s height is activated?

EDIT: I just noticed supernaturally already mentioned this. I’ll try it out.

Just make sure that your collapsing elements are within a parent group if there are other elements on the page to the left / right as they can affect the margin positioning of the elements. So if you see any unwanted space appear when a group collapses, this is what the cause usually is.

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That site is awesome Dave!