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Dynamic text in text box disappears!

I’m new to Bubble, though I have programmed in other high level languages (Visual Basic, Ruby, some Python). I placed a text box on a test page. It loads a number stored in my database (“order_number”). When I click on the text box, I want it to increment the order_number by 1. It does this.

BUT, as I repeatedly click on the text box, the text will randomly disappear! I was just incrementing the number to see how large the box needed to be to hold a two digit number. When I got to the number 5, the display disappeared. I restarted the preview and it appeared with a blank text box. I kept clicking and after about 5 or so clicks, numbers appeared again, starting over at #1. I have done this quite a few times. The display does not always disappear at the same count. One time it will disappear at #5, then at #11, then at number 14, then at #5 again.

What is going on here?

Does the text and element disappear, or just the text? Say if the background color was visible, does that disappear as well? If so, what does the inspector tool of the debugger tell you?

Hey there, welcome! I’d suggest sharing a link to the app or the editor so we can take a look. Hard to tell what might be happening without seeing the work. Welcome to Bubble!

I deleted the text box and started over. It is now working as expected. I must have had some setting incorrect, though I do not know what that error was. If this topic can be closed now, that is fine. Others will not find it useful.