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Text box not visible in repeating group

I want to show dynamic list of links inside a repeating group with text data. I tried first with static data inside the text box, but somehow I’m just not able to view anything in the preview.
This is what I’m trying to do:

The way it’s being displayed:

Hi, looks like you have not added any value in the text box. Can’t see the static text added here in screenshot.


Make sure to:

  • set the type of data type and data source in the RG
  • set the text element to have an expression such like “current cell’s thing text-field” or if they are a list of texts then the expression would be “current cell’s text“
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In the first screenshot, there’s that value “edit me” which is static, shouldn’t that be shown when I deploy?

If that is the default placeholder text from bubble then it won’t show up. Try typing something else there.

Repeating groups do not work this way

no this didn’t wok.

Try increasing the size of textbox. Can you share the latest screenshot here.

Thanks this worked. I wasn’t using it correctly.

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