Workflow Create Things Doesn't Show Input Elements

I have a popup to collect input for creating a new instance of a thing (here it is a bid for bidding on an item in an auction). I have a submit button and it triggers a workflow.

The first workflow step is to create a new thing, here it is a new instance of a bid. In the workflow dialog, I have the type of thing set to Bid.

I clicked the + sign to set another field, and I see the columns in the bid table, and I want to set the columns in the bid table for the new row or instance I’m creating to the data elements on the form, on my popup…but here’s the problem, I can not set the table columns equal to the input elements on the popup form? The only values I can set the columns to are from the custom state fields that I made for the popup.

Usually there is a side link when setting the columns in table for a new instance of the thing to a popup form element, you get the “Insert Dynamic Data”, but I never get that. Or there is a dropdown list, and in the list you can choose all of the input elements you put on the popup. But I don’t have the choices, the only choices I have are the Custom State(s) of the popup.

Is there any reason the form elements on the popup are not available to use when creating a new thing in a workflow?

KornFuzed in Columbus,
Did I mention how painful this software is…

To make sure I understand correctly: the screenshot your showing is NOT a screenshot of the problem? Can you share a link to your editor, or images, or video of the problem you’re seeing? That’ll be easier for us to help, there’s a number of things that it might be, so without seeing, it’s hard to know.

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