Dynamically select which column will be filtered on repeating groups


I’m having trouble setting the filter for my repeating group. I’m creating an app to follow up the status of 7 different steps of a process, but all those steps have the same 3 possible status (Pending, Initialized and finished), as the image below shows

Because it would be a waste of space putting 7 different dropdowns on the page to filter each of the steps, I’m trying to use one dropdown to select which column I want to be filtered, and another dropdown to select the filter itself. The problem is that I’m not being able to dynamically choose the filtered column when I set the filter on the repeating group option.

For example:

If I set up the filter like this, it will filter both columns at the same time


I tried using the Advanced filter option but I couldn’t find a way to set the column dynamically according to the first dropdown’s value.

Does anyone have any ideia on how to solve this?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much!

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