[early access] Help us test Bubble’s editor performance improvements

I’ve had a hard time reproducing this one consistently, but there’s an issue when adding elements directly to the elements tree. Not everytime, but sometimes.

After all this week of using it, my conclusion is that it is worse than the previous one.

It’s faster to transition from one page to another, but it’s slower for any other action (add a condition, work with workflows, work with privacy rules, etc.).

I disabled the function because for me it is more important to EDIT quickly than SWITCH pages quickly.


It’s in early access and hence there will be issues. The point of this EA is for users to try this new feature to submit feedback and bug reports.

I tried it, it was a speedier than normal mode but I feel like there’s some sort of memory leak somewhere that makes the editor slow down earlier than in normal mode.

I would love to be able to explore it and help with bug finding but I don’t have the time right now.

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I basically work for Bubble for free lol.



Great news! I think the new features that are coming are incredible. However, I’ve noticed that Bubble hasn’t addressed some recurrent customers feedback, such as:

Why are old problems still unresolved while focusing on less urgent issues that don’t provide immediate value? I share this concern if Bubble team may take it into account.

However, at this moment, do you think it is possible …

to remove the “AI Bubble pop-up screen announcement” from the list of pages?

It appears every time a new page is loaded, consumes memory, and may not be appropriate if Bubble aims to enhance the speed of the editor experience, both in the current version and the new beta.

Thank you!

Afraid to use issue_checker_of combined with this , has anybody tried it ?

I can confirm this from my own experience.

I prefer to wait a bit longer on page load, instead of having a delay for each other action when working on the page.

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Hi everyone,

I’m Milo, the engineer working on this project. Thanks to everyone for testing it so far! I’m working on an update today that should improve some of the leakiness in the editor.

Also a request for those reporting specific issues: if you can send me a screen recording of what you’re doing when you get the issue (and ideally also a screenshot of any errors logged in the console).



Thanks @milo.m

Good to hear directly from the engineer working on it.

In my experience memory leak type of behaviour is indeed there. After some time editor goes bad.

However, now that you are saying that you have worked on an update, we’ll keep a watch to see if it improves. Sending screen recordings/errors etc have been useless in past as our messages are declared as not reproducible or one-off etc. Hope that won’t be the case in future.

Hello, I tried this new feature and encountered several bugs and an improvement to speed + less window crashing…


  • when trying to sort a list of texts in the expression builder (no parenthesis) I kept getting the list contraints window instead of the sorting window
  • changes did not auto save, the saving text stayed on “saving…” and never updated to saved or to the error state which tells you when the changes are not saved (this led to me having to go back and redo a lot of work because I didn’t notice this behavior for a while
  • switching elements / data source changes took longer to become active to save or even open the pop out windows for when changes are made

Hi everyone,

We’ve released more fixes for the reported issues. Please re-test and let us know if you encounter any new problems (sending screenshots of error logs are always really helpful as well)!



Hi @milo.m & @jennifer.javier , I ran into this just now: when using the &autorunnew=true parameter, Repeating Group constraints weren’t showing the Dynamic Expression.

With it on:

With it off:

It is not about &autorunnew=true , I have encountered this too allergens = header2 A’s my condition was like , and I only use issue_checkeroff