Edamam API Connector

Hello Everyone,

I will preface this by saying I am fairly new but do have a good handle on things.

I am trying to hook up the Edamam API to bubbles API Connector but with no success. I keep getting a “cannot authorize” 401 message. I have attached screenshots for reference. I have an app key and app id but am not sure where to put them.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!

Why did you choose ‘Private key in URL’? The documentation is saying that app_id and app_key are parameters.
Select the ‘None or self-handled’ authentication type.
You have already added app_id as a shared parameter between all API calls, now add app_key as a parameter as well, and it should work.

I tried that way first and it threw me this error. I have been trying every way I can think of but cannot seem to get one to work.

You shared your keys :sweat_smile: careful.
Edit: you are safe I think the app_key is cut off, but for future reference be careful :).

Have you checked on the Edamam dashboard that your app/token is actually enabled and active?

Good catch lol its a free subscription but I appreciate it.

The status is live. I am in contact with them as well. I am sure it is something small and stupid but its still affecting my workflow.

I figured it out. I was using the POST URL and the GET information so it wasn’t jiving. But thank you for the quick response and help!