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Element to move to *floating group* not working (jQUERY DRAGGABLE ELEMENTS )

I’m trying to move a Drag/drop group to a floating group using “Element to move to” but the position where it is moved to isn’t related to de actual floating group. It works correctly for the Drag/drop groups that are moved to an element outside a floating group.
The floating group is related to BOTTOM.
Is this a bug?

Is the problem positioning when you drag into the group?

The draggable element is always on floating group X, but when using “Element to move to” floating group Y. The end position is not correctly related to Y

Interesting. Is this something you could paste into the general forum app?

Have you previewed it in step-by-step mode?

First i made a workaround by creating NEW copy of X floating group below floating group Y , It becomes visible when needed. It’s not the best solution, but was already implemented when you suggested this.

Then i made a new Drag/drop group copy of the one in X floating group to try your suggestion. I don’t know why ,but just by creating the element again, the new one works correctly(do you know why?).

Its not the first time this happen to me, so now i’m recreating elements and test them before posting bug questions.

Thank you very much for the help @scottb50

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