Element's bottom border won't move

Hi all,

I’m relatively new using Bubble, so I sincerely hope this isn’t an irrelevant question.

I am trying to move the bottom border (indicated by the arrow) downwards so that I can move the Save button down and then add more radio-buttoned options (those are skin conditions). However, it just won’t budge no matter how much I play around with the surrounding elements, parent element, or that element itself! I believe the little half-cut/quarter-cut squares at the bottom edge of the element indicate that I can’t move the element’s border any further down.

Even after I manually adjust the height of the element and then move the Save button down, this is what it looks like. It just appears to be blocked or cut off by something.

What am I doing wrong? Please help… thank you for anything and everything! - John

Hey John :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bubble. It looks like the group that you have highlighted (Group User) is nested inside of another group (Group Edit Info). Try increasing the height of the Group Edit Info, the parent group. If that doesn’t work, Group Edit Info is nested inside of Group User Profile; try increasing the height of Group User Profile. Let me know if that works.

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Turns out I needed to sequentially expand the groups starting with the highest parent group and then work my way down. The lower-level groups were being blocked off by the boundaries of the higher-level groups.

Thanks so much for your help, @jacobgershkovich… you’re a good dude!

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