Elements not lined up

Would anybody have an idea why this would be happening? In the editor the elements are lined up correctly and sized correctly.

But on page view the elements are different heights or something that causes the red group to be slightly higher off the bottom than the dark blue group on left.


In the red group, there is the grey group that contains all other elements. The R.G. for the conversations opened and pinned, they have scroll buttons that are displayed or not displayed and collapse when hidden, so they change heights, however in this instance, both scroll buttons are visible and therefore the grey group is at its max height, which in my mind would mean it isn’t collapsed at all.

The dark blue group has a repeating group inside of it that is set to vertical scroll…I think the dimensions are not an even number when dividing number of rows by element height.

But I don’t think this would cause a problem with the dark blue group getting longer since the R.G. is capable ( I recall ) to show a portion of the next cell item.

Or is my recollection incorrect and the R.G. will naturally show an entire row and therefore have a changed height dimension to accomplish that?

Any ideas would be helpful. Really would like to get this design thing figured out.

Did you try checking the box where it makes the item a fixed width? Another work around is applying a group to it and making the item and group a fixed width


I have isolated the problem is the dark blue group on the left, which is set to a fixed width.

I have made a video to demonstrate how the element changes height on page load…quite strangely.

All other elements are lined up as they should be. I also for good measure in the video deleted the R.G. in the dark blue culprit and found no difference in the issue…so now I am really confused and befuddled about how to fix it.

This video demonstrates the group on the left side ( dark blue ) changes height on page load

I think I know what the issue is… click on the left dark blue bar and send me a picture of the editor pop-up window and then do the same thing for the darkblue bar on the right

Thanks…I fixed it. What a pain in da butt…these things always get me because I can’t stop obsessing over finding the answer.

Turns out it was the text element for groups on the left side. The text line space caused the text to get pushed below and out of its designed height dimension (ie: text element height is 40). Seems like instead of making the text not viewable on page, it caused the elements to adjust height to accommodate the text element.

This made some sense because mysteriously ( I guess I changed the line spacing and couldn’t figure out what happened ) the text element became not visible in the editor.

All good…thanks for the input @eduKit

Good to hear