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Elements not loading on a slow network

Not sure if I should report this as a bug.
If I use Chrome developer tools to slow the network down to “slow 3G”, the dropdown at the top “Choose groomer” isn’t populated into the option caption (see 2nd screenshot).
On a fast network it loads every time.
Unfortunately, many users don’t have fibre high-speed like I do.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Just bumping this topic up.
I doubt that I’m the first person to come across this issue.
If no one has a suggestion I’ll post it as a bug report.

Have you inspected this dropdown in the debug mode?

Hi Shpak
Thanks for picking up on my issue.
@jared.bibb posted an update to his FullCalendar plugin.
Testing (see below) and I now cannot reproduce the issue by throttling to Slow3G (the name of the user, in this case Maxine wasn’t being populated).
I’ll have to get a user who’s on a low-speed connection to test because I’m just simulating.
Hopefully the issue will have been resolved.
Thanks again, Mark.

Not sure my plugin has much to do with your issue, mark. What makes you think to mention it here I wonder?

Hi Jared
I noticed an update to your plugin and after applying it my testing of the dropdown worked.
Could just be a coincidence.
I’ll only know for sure that the dropdown works on a slow connection when a user tests under the right conditions.
Cheers, Mark.

Did they approve 2.0?!?! If not, glad it’s working for you anyway

Not sure what 2.0 is??

Version 2.0

I’ve been waiting on approval for the latest release.

All good at my end. Thanks. Just waiting on the tool-tip functionality.

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Hi Jared
I’m trying to change the appointment’s groomer when the booking is dragged from one groomer to another (below I want to drag the booking from Leanne to Maxine).
I’m looking at the events and can’t figure which one to use to know the new resource to change the groomer.
I’m already using the “Start end time has changed” which works for dragging to change the time for the same groomer.
Please advise.
Thanks again, Mark.

Mark, we’ve definitely went over this. You know this answer. It’s in an exposed state. Not an event.

Info is held in states. Not events.

Thanks. I’ll check back to figure it out.

Oh, no… not again. You gents really should consider moving to direct messages.

I especially like the second one… solved in post #2, and then it went on for 226 more posts. :wink:

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Sorry mikeloc. My mistake.

No need to apologize, @marksrunge… just food for thought. With these threads just being between the two of you, I would expect the moderators would suggest direct messages, too.

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Just posting what we are all thinking :sunglasses:


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