Email not being received


this workflow :

  1. send a reset password email
  2. send a normal email

all to same reciepient.

tested many time. only the 2nd workflow email are received in my inbox…
the Email Reset workflow is failed miserably.

why the 2nd workflow?
in same Action, using same EMAIL API key, sent to SAME Email
only different content. But the 1st one will no longer work…

It work last week. ( got complaint the reset password email are not sent out… )

Bubble moderator keep delete my post,
and Bubble dev keep giving me trouble this year.


the reset password work on Desktop.
if i use desktop chrome and run the workflow, it work.

NOT WORKING ON Android phone Chrome.

Hi @zhihong0321,

It’s probably a Sendgrid issue. Have you checked your Sendgrid logs?

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