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Reset pw email isn't received

For some reason my reset password emails aren’t sent. Workflow seems pretty standard to me so I can’t find out why it isn’t sending. It’s not in spam and doesn’t work for any account so I’m missing something. What is it?

Anyone willing to look into this for a bit? I’m struggling to find the issue…

Hello @renzetc, without more details, I would be:

1- Double check the “forgot-pw-email-input” contains data. Check the box “Add a breakpoint in the debug mode” and make sure it sends a value in the “email” field.

2- Make sure you don’t have multiple fields with the same name and aren’t using the right one.


Yea everything seems to work fine in the debugger. Also the page loader shows and my guess that it was related to a DNS error in my domain settings was wrong.

Anyone willing to have a look in my editor?

I think it’s because of privacy rules in the user table. I have checked from bubble logs, emails are working.

Can you please ensure the logs on your sendgrid dashboard. And verify you have verified your domain in sendgrid.

I’m not using Sendgird (yet). It works fine from the test environment but not from my live domain. Not sure how this could be related to privacy rules, could you clarify?

If your recipient is,,,, etc they will not receive the password reset email. Unless you have setup an alternative email service, Bubble uses SendGrid (behind the scenes) for all email workflows by default. And SendGrid emails are blocked by the recipients listed above. Now it may very well be something else, but this is a good starting point to check.

You will have to set privacy rules in the live DB to match those in the test DB, they do not get transferred by default