Email Reminders with Calendar

Hello everyone,

First time posting here. I’ve been using bubble for a month now and so far have managed to solve pretty much everything which I needed. Unfortunately I’m stuck on something which I would like to implement on my app.

This is the story that I need the solution for:

  • User A opens a ‘new request page’ where he fills in the data which creates a ‘Request Page’
  • The ‘Request page’ has a date (date field) when the request has been opened (this is different than the created on field) and also different ‘Statuses’ (dropdown field)
  • By default, the ‘Request Page’ is set to ‘Status 1’
    So far everything from the above is done and created correctly, the tricky part is the following:
  • I would like to set email reminders according to the statuses and their date period.
  • For example: If the request has been on ‘Status 1’ for more than ‘3 days’ (these need to be able to be changed from the admin page and the request page itself through the ‘request page calendar’) then send an email to ‘User A’ to remind him to change the status to ‘Status 2’
  • If the request has been changed from ‘Status 1’ to ‘Status 2’ before the 3 days have passed then no reminder needs to be sent out.
  • Then when 20 days pass (again, this would need to be changed from the admin side and through the ‘request page calendar’) on ‘Status 2’ sent a reminder to change to ‘Status 3’. Keeps on going like this for a couple of statuses.

I thought various options including the following steps:

  • If Status 1 has been more than 3 days then switch automatically to Status 1.2
  • If Status 1.2 is not changed to Status 2 then send an email every day to remind them
  • User manually changes the status from Status 1.2 to Status 2
  • If Status 2 has been more than 20 days then switch automatically to Status 2.2
  • Keeps on going like that by increasing an extra line in the workflow.

Also, how should I go about and setting this up in the database please?
I need to track the changes in the dropdown. How can I do that?

All help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

Hi @steve5, welcome to Bubble!

The main thing you’ll need here is an API Workflow that you can schedule for the due date the status should change. The Workflow itself will trigger an action to update the status.

This video actually goes through the steps you’ll need and can use as a base:

Hopefully this helps get you in the right direction!

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Hey @steve5

Like @romanmg mentioned, API workflows is what you’ll need to trigger the expected reminders and status changes.

With regards to the database itself, I suggest you setup a request table with the following fields: User, Request Details, Request Date, Status.

To track changes, you’ll have to create another table where you’ll have to store the Request ID along with the information you need to identify the change (eg. Status, Date etc)

Hope this helps.