Reset password link not being sent

Hi! I have a problem with the send reset password email function.
I have the input email field and a button. The worlflow is “create account for someone else” and after “send reset email to results of step1”.
The user is being created but the email are not being sent. I created a quick test page here…
I believe this was working fine during developement, not sure thought.
Is it any setting that need to be done in the general settings for the email to work?
Thanks for any help, working on late sunday for a presentation :wink:

Bubble uses Sendgrid to send those messages, without your own api key there is some limit on how many emails you can send, also sendgrid itself in my experience is not the best.

Try adding your own api key and it might increase deliverability

Hi Sat
Thanks for the reply. I did try sendgrid and it was quite complicated and I think I messed up a bit and now the apikey is not being recognized.
Still, I am just sending 1 or 2 email from Bubble so the “regular” bubble function should work, but it doesn’t…

Hey @cristian4 , could you share some screenshots of your current setup.

Hi Alan!
I just got it to work, literally 1 minute before your message.
This is what happened (in case anybody else have the same problem).
I am not sure but it seems that Bubble do not send the email by itself, but you will always need a service like Sendgrid. (or am I wrong??).
So I started to setup Sendgrid (create accont, verify sender, etc) and I got a error messg in bubble when I wanted to check the api key. It wanted me to use the email . Since that was impossible I started to look into it and I did find this great tutorial about sendgrid setup and troubleshoot :
After watching that I validated my domain and now is working fine.
So, the question is, is correct that Bubble can not send email without an external service?

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