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Hello, can someone help me with this problem? Emails received in an @hotmail account end up in SPAM. Does anyone know why? Try both the SES plugin and the native bubble one. This does not happen with Outlook or Gmail emails. If you have any documentation or knowledge about the subject.

Hi there,

I’ve heard SendGrid (the email service Bubble natively uses) can run into more spam filters than some of the other services like Postmark. I also came across a discussion here which lists a plugin to use your native email domain without a 3rd party - I haven’t used it myself so I can’t speak to it’s complexity or stability, but on paper it looks nice: Sendgrid or...? - #28 by lindsay_knowcode

And finally, related to both of these points above - sometimes email platforms will reject emails from relatively new domain names that don’t yet have much of a history (as this follows the profile of a fly-by-night spammer / fake corporation). Might be worth looking into, and if in time your URL will become known as more trustworthy.