Validate emails in a list?

Can I use bubble’s built in email validation plugin to validate emails in a contact list? For example, if I have an outdated work contact’s email(say he left the company and email was shut off) in my list and pass it through the email validation, will it return a message that email is no longer valid?

If not, any ideas how to do this? Any plugins or APIs?

Would I just connect to the list’s source via API, append them to a custom state variable, then pass through bubble’s email validation plugin?

Thanks. To confirm, it would mean that I could identify no longer valid emails for any domain using the plugin?

Not sure what you mean

The plug-in is a validator

Unfortunately not. The email validator only matches a single text not a list of text :frowning_face:

I made a plugin as I needed to solve the same problem. To check in my database if email addresses were still valid. It isn’t an absolute authoritative answer, but it’s better than nothing.

As it is an action you can set it up as a backend API, and use it to verify lists of addresses. There is a video on the plugin page showing you how I did that.

It might help you.