Emails Not Always Working

Hello Bubblers,

I have a site where users submit construction projects and then contractor bid on the project. When a project is submitted, there are supposed to be two emails:

  1. Goes to the user submitting and thanks them.
  2. The other emails goes out to the contractors based on the criteria of the project.

Email #1 always works.

Email #2 sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. I have no idea why???

**I need a URL link in each email to tell them the page of the project. I have noticed when I take out the link in Email #2 it works more often.

No idea what’s going on… Thank you!

I have narrowed it down to what is causing it but I have no idea why. There are construction trades listed 1-16. If I choose 1 trade and submit the project, everything works perfectly.

If I choose more than 1 trade, the email doesn’t get sent.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

This gets a bit more interesting. When I don’t use any fields at all, it sends out the email to all users that are registered.