Emails with plus symbol is not showing on UI

Hello, Bubblers! I found a strange issue (or feature). My goal is to display a list of users with emails. If the user’s email contains plus symbol (+) it does not display on a screen

I have played with different settings in Text element, but no result. If the email does not have any plus symbols - it displays well. I need to display email anyway. How can I fix this?

Hi there, @oleksandr.hubachov… there shouldn’t be any reason why a text element wouldn’t display an email with a plus symbol in it. Are you sure it isn’t related to something else such as privacy rules? Can you share more screenshots or a read-only link to your editor?


Sorry, I can’t share a link to my project. I have created a pet project with users and emails and it works as expected there. There is something wrong in my project, I’ll research and post answer here

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