Empty Passwords reset token [LONG_ID]

Hello Bubble Team

Please help with the password reset challenge that I am battling with.

The password reset token, aka “LONG_ID”, is not being sent with the password reset email to the user.

This is the password reset link but the token is not there.

This is my workflow.


This is step 2 on my workflow. I’m sending an email to the user who requested the password reset link.


I get the link and get directed to the correct password reset page to reset the password.

However I get the below error when I try to update reset the password from the password reset default page.


I have updated my link as per the below screenshot from the bubble manual.

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Did you find the solution?

Are you sure the account you’re requesting for has an email fitting it?

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I just realized that the account I was trying to reset the password for, didn’t exist in my app.
I kept creating and deleting the same account to try new things and assumed the account was existent when I was requesting a pw reset. After creating the account and trying again, it was working loll
@mxolisipn make sure the account you’re requesting the pw reset for, exists if not done already. Otherwise, I don’t know why you’re getting an empty token.

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Thank you @johnny & @mac.mehani for your time.

My email was missing one character. I added the correct email account and I was able to get the reset token and successfully reset my password.

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