Enterprise: What does Free Database Storage actually means?

Hey guys! Does anyone else in Enterprise gets freaked out with this “Free Database Storage”?
Ours goes to 0 out of nowhere (we use 5% of the current DB storage), app gets slow, and then several minutes late, it goes to back to normal as if nothing happened.

Most of the time, it happens with the cache memory too, usually when we’re uploading data. But today, I noticed the app went dead slow, and then I saw that chart with only the “free database storage” in 0, and it freaked me out. Its back to normal again.

Interesting… would love to see any other enterprise users comment – I’ve personally not worked with an enterprise plan before

I’m always jealous :frowning:

Sometimes our logs say 0 but it’s only at 0 at the very right end of the chart. This happens particularly often when I don’t use 24 hours ago as the start time for the charts. . I believe there is an issue when they pull analytics at times.

If you are simultaneously experiencing performance issues, that sounds like a separate issue and warrants a follow up with bubble support if you can’t identify workloads occurring at that time.

Context: I work on a dedicated plan


… Nice flex… :joy:

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Hi Jared. Thank you for time. Really appreciate it!
Support just mentioned exactly what you brought here, but nothing regards on why we were having issues (while having only my user online).

Have you guys been long in Enterprise? I feel like this is quite new to Bubble and far from Enterprise service :confused:

Didn’t mean it like that :rofl: but now that you mention it :mechanical_arm:

It’s been about a year now. We have 34 or 44 sub apps or something like that currently (I can’t remember for the life of me, atm, which it is) we were destroying our shared resources initially due to poor practice, then traffic. On our dedicated plan tho, we literally abuse the shut out of the backend and never have issues.

It’s really the way to go when you can/have to afford it


I really appreciate your input, Jared!
We were also having issues with the shared plans due to poor practices on v1, and even on dedicated. I’m thinking of posting a small playlist of videos about scaling with Bubble highlighting things that really made difference, as there’s things that made more difference than actually upgrading.


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