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ERROR 524 - web server timed out. Help Please!

Hello @emmanuel, @jess,
Sorry to bother you, but last week the error message 524 began to appear in the trial version of my app, every time I made a change and wanted to check the behavior in the preview, this error appeared, so I had to refresh the page 3 or 4 times, until the message disappeared and the page loaded, but as you can imagine it is not the best way to test the system.

! [image | 690x345] (upload: //gcYu50tbOY5NSESABiWfGhL3BE0.jpeg)

I searched about this error on the forum and found a couple of threads about it, even one with the same title from @robert, and a couple of bubblers reported it also @tom8, @david17, @gilles , @tjc4, @johnny, etc, but they were closed without a solution.

Additionally, the loading times of the pages have increased considerably, I changed from the personal to professional plan and it has not improved at all. I thought that another reason could be the change in the editor, so I updated a complete module of my system, but this error keeps appearing.

Until yesterday this error only appeared in the trial version, but today I had the same problem in the Live version, so I am really worried this problem may start to affect my clients.

Thank you in advance for your support,

It is the message:

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.


Of course, i am going to open the bug report.
Thanks @emmanuel.

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Ready, I just send the bug report.
I would really appreciate your support on it.

Please help me with issue.
I have not received an email that clarifies the source of the problem and how to solve it, but I continue getting the same error with every change, so it is too difficult to work this way.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve been facing the same issue so hope someone could give us a solution for this.


I am experiencing the same bug

I changed my network´s provider and I increase my network speed to 100 Mbps last weekend, but I still have the same problem.

Maybe @tomerlan5 and @mizawaya also send in a Bug Report as well at to get more eyes on this? @bubble

@johnny Thanks for the reply. That sounds right - I will do that.
@edwinbolanosb Thanks for sharing the info. What I’ve found for this issue are the below:

  1. The issue seems to happen on a “heavy” page with many elements and workflows, rather than a very simple page on which I’ve never faced the issue.
  2. The frequency of the occurrence of this issue seems to depend on the day. On some days, I saw this error several times but on other days, I didn’t see it.

-edited my post-
I thought this issue happens only on a free or personal account that uses shared servers. But it seems not correct because still, a professional account faces the issue as per the first post.
Anyways I’ll raise a bug report to get involved appropriate team from bubble.


In my case it happens every time I make a change on a page that has multiple reusables, and some times in simples pages.
I have a personal account, so it should not happen or at least we should know the conditions, so we can work on them and control/eliminate this problem.
I agree with @mizawaya, we should open a bug report on support (I already did one week ago), this way we can help to identify the different elements or conditions that cause this problem.


Bug report done from my end as well.
(Actually, I didn’t see the error today while I’ve seen it almost everyday in these weeks.)
Let’s see the reply from the bubble.

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