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Error Message "Data to send should be text"

Hi guys,
I am currently trying to build AirBnb type website using Bubble with Airtable.
For some reasons, we have issues using extracting data from Airtable to use them on our Website only when we try to create Workflow.

Our website has a home page with 3 suggested Coworking spaces with 3 data types as a repeating group per space: 1 picture / name of the space / address of the space. These data on the home page do come from Airtable and work absolutely fine

When we click on one of these elements, we would like to be redirected on the Page of the Coworking Space and include all the information related to this specific space from Airtable.

We then create a workflow
When Repeating group 1 is selected
Step 1 “Go to Page” detail (which is the page of the coworking) which is the “Destination Page”
“Data to Send” -> We select our Airtable Database BUT Bubble does not allow us to select this data base from Airtable and the following error message appears:
“Got to Page detail, Data to send should be text But right now Its Database Airtable”

Please note that we have no issue to complete this task when we create a database on Bubble and use it to perform this action.

Please let me know if you can help since we have been struggling on that point!

Thanks in advance

Why not set the destination page to be the thing being sent?

What happens if you click into the red “More…” that is likely to have something as a text in it.

Good morning Nigel,
As explained before, this works absolutely well when we connect this workflow from a database built on Bubble.
Also, when we extract the data from the Airtable database on our home page, it works well.
Fyi, we want to send the entire line of information from the database in order to provide information about a specific coworking space.

When we click on the “More”, it shows us the list of column inputs about the coworking space such as address / email / Phone number but this will ALWAYS connect to the first line.
This means that if I click on the coworking line 2, it will still extract the information from line 1

Was this ever solved? I’m having the same issue

I am having the same problem. I love the airtable solution but i hope this isnt a deal breaker. Please advise!