Error when Adding Recipient to Sendgrid (plugin by withcopilots)

Hi together,

I would like to manage the user emails directly in Sendgrid. For that I would like to add the user on registrations a contact to the Sendgrid list.

I tried to the workflow “Add Recipient to Sendgrid” but receive this error:

My API Headers are currently empty. What would I have to put in there?

Alternatively I tried to use the workflow “Add Contact to List”, but I don’t quite understand how it works and whether it serves this use case.


Hi @philipp.laengle107
Your Authorization header should not be empty
For example:-
Create an API key in sendgrid & copy the secret key & paste it like this

Hi @viquarahmed07

My Sendgrid Setup looks like on your screenshot. Using the workflows such as “Send Mail” works flawlessly.

However when I try to add a user to the lists in send grid, I get the error as shown above. Does the workflow “Add Recipient to Sendgrid” work for you?


Hey there. Today I released a plugin that allows you to add contacts. Looks as though the plugin from copilot hasn’t been updated/supported for a while. It also doesn’t work with the latest API.

At some point I’ll also update other API endpoints but for now I have added the add/update a contact endpoint. You will need to use both plugins until all of the actions have been reproduced in this updated version. It’s called “SendGrid Pro”.

Hi Ben,

amazing timing! :slight_smile: I’m gonna download your plugin and have a look at it. Thanks a lot for your work, I really appreciate that.