Error when deleting an entry

The delete seems to be fixed but this morning the copy database doesn’t work.

Frankly, I dont know how much Bubble can be trusted for professional apps!!!

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I’m too far along to change mine, but I’m feeling that too

Apps can be broken on certain mesure. Have you tried a restore? Have you submit a bug report? This error is sent to Bubble for investigation I supposed. @eve

I have reported to Support but nothing yet. still not fixed.

We’re investigating the issues with copying databases now.

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I think Bubble need to issue some kind of explanation/ reason or any communication about this issue. The lack of which has caused stress and frustration to all effected.

Yes, this is really depressing me. I’ve spent months working on something but how can I deploy it and run my office on it when random updates break it daily?

Please be transparent with us bubble.

Third day in a row and our app is off. we cannot deploy. depressing indeed!!!
usually upgrades or plugin updates are performed on weekends or night times.
Bubble needs to issue a statement about its capacity to keep and guarantee stability.

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Our team has pushed fixes for all the issues in this thread; if you’re still experiencing unexpected behaviors, please do file a bug report so that we can investigate.

In terms of transparency: we understand and sympathize with your frustration here, and do work to be as transparent as we can, in addition to resolving run-mode issues as quickly as possible to minimize downtime for all clients, since we can only be as successful as the apps on our platform.

My copy database problem still persists. I have reported again #8041


Is the main codebase as “live” as I feel it is, or do you develop in a test environment first?

Also, do you have scheduled dates in where you can tell people ahead of time that you are changing the codebase? Some companies pick a specific day every week to do changes and only deviate when there is a hotfix required. This day and time is usually determined with analytics of the lowest usage times to affect the least amount of people. Is this something that can be implemented or has at least been discussed?

I’m sure the entire community would feel much better with a heads up so they can verify their apps still work at 0hour.

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