Expected behaviour re. backend workflows and realtime data

Hey folks,

When a thing is created in a backend workflow, that should update repeating groups displaying that data on the front-end, correct? I’m almost certain I’ve seen this happening in the past, but it isn’t working for me now (new data only shows on page refresh). Can anyone confirm or have I just gaslit myself into believing a feature exists when it doesn’t :sweat_smile:

I can confirm it is working as you described. No page refresh required. I just tested again.

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Ah… it’s not for me. Time for the bug report then…

My use case is Schedule backend workflow, create thing inside backend workflow → data appears in editor data tab, doesn’t appear in RG until page refresh.

My use case is a button calling a backend workflow → backend wf adds things → UI repeating group show the new items.

Maybe it is about the scheduling?

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Just tried in a test app, it worked as expected. Can’t see any difference in config in my test app and the development app. It definitely should be working so must be something to do with the app setup (dev app is SPA in lots of reuseables?). Thanks for testing anyway!

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The search expression may be located in a reusable right? Try moving it to the page if possible. I have a feeling that it might do the trick.

Seems to have worked on Safari, but not Chrome. Seems to be a me-Chrome problem :slight_smile:

I noticed this same issue yesterday, but haven’t tried to troubleshoot. No reusables involved. I was indeed using Chrome.

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Yes, it should not matter if the data is created on front end or server side…when new data is created the rg should update in real time unless you have set it to not.