[Experimental Feature] Edit-mode performance enhancement

Hi all,

We just released a new feature to the experimental settings panel. This feature is designed to help out editor performance for large pages containing lots of hidden elements. The way it works is by not rendering or allocating any memory for hidden elements in the editor, similar to what we do in runmode for elements not initially visible. In our performance testing, this has reduced memory usage drastically, especially for very large single-page apps - one page I was testing went down from 3GB to 700MB! This should not only help out with general performance of the tab, but also prevent crashing.

Note: this optimization will not apply to pages on the legacy responsive engine.

Please test it out - it should be mostly bug-free but we decided on releasing this optimization as experimental feature first to prevent any unanticipated consequences. Let us know of any issues you encounter with this flag on!


Thanks, @cal! Definitely see the difference in my app!


Yeah @cal this not only sped up my editor but all of my actions too such as choosing my Data Source (which I assume is a side effect of the page itself taking less memory). Previously I would do ?issues_off=true, but this new version feels just as quick without that hack.

Off hand, first impression, this is a pretty major performance update.


thanks @cal it was very necessary!

Incredible! Thanks for this update @cal

I have a question:
Does this also improve the performance of editor pages with many workflows?

Until now, I was using a lot of reusables in my pages, mainly because of editor performance issues.

Do you believe that with this improvement this will no longer be necessary?

Cheers :rocket:

@cal - This could help us immensely !
We’re on a dedicated server, but I can’t find it yet in the experimental tab, how do I enable it?

Just a friendly reminder to those trying out an experimental feature, please do your part to submit bug reports that you think are caused by enabling the feature.

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was searching for a solution because my single page site editor was becoming almost unusable. This helps! Thanks!

Can’t click on issues and have it open the element if the element is hidden. I have 800 issues to work through, so had to revert to slower editor to do so. Kill me now!!! @bubble This is my bug report until you improve your bug report page.

+one so annoying