Zeroqode Bubble Page to PDF converter - Page Break Issue

Hello to all,

I’m writing to you because I have a problem with the page break functionality of the PDF converter plugin.

What I want to do:

I have a page on which a quote is displayed. The plugin is responsible for converting the group that contains the display of the quote into PDF. This group has an ID “devis” and it is this ID that I fill in the plugin for the conversion to PDF.

So far everything works perfectly.

My problem: I now want my PDF to be split into 2 pages.

So I followed what the documentation says. Within the group with the ID “devis”, I split the content into 2 other groups “page_one” and “page_two”. I then filled in these 2 IDs in the “Pagebreak ids” field of the plugin.

However, this does not work… It shows me something strange on the PDF. There is no pagebreak and the content has now a padding out of nowhere…

Is there something I don’t understand? Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance,

Add element or group with 1px height between Part 1, Part 2 group.
Set to this white element your page break id.

Thanks Eugene I will try this.

But I thought that this plugin needed to have all the ID’s element that require to be on separate pages ?

Ok so @Eugene_West !

I just tried your solution. It kind of works, but not perfectly.

I have added a 1px height shape (in red on my screenshot) between my two groups, gave it a “pagebreak” ID and write this ID in the plugin.

It seems that a space is added below the shape, but the second group is not on the next page… :confused:

Maybe I am missing something ?

Hi @bootstrapperideas :wave:
Did you fix it ? (I think we are in same boat, facing same issue)
@ZeroqodeSupport help please?

I did… Something :sweat_smile:

According to my tests, it seems that the pagebreak feature has a bug.

Items with the pagebreak ID do not go to the next page but to the bottom of the current page (and therefore overflow onto the next page).
Moreover the element does not behave the same way if you assign the pagebreak ID to a group / text element or a shape.

While waiting for a feedback from Zeroqode support I found this “solution”:

I grouped the element to be converted into a single element with a “quote” ID.
In this element, I created 2 groups “page_one” and “page_two”.
Within the “page_two” group, I placed a text element in the last position (very important) with an id “pagebreak”.
I then played with the margins of the header and footer (in the plugin) and with the margins and paddings of my elements on the page to arrange the layout.

It’s not an ideal solution, but it works pretty much!

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I will try your solution.
Thanks :+1:

Hi @bootstrapperideas, @anthony.viel
Thanks for using our plugin. :pray:t2:

Please allow us to mention that the page-breaking functionality is quite sensitive to the object size (in px) that you want to convert to PDF. It works, in general, but needs some sort of playing around and adjusting your page content.

In order to achieve the best result, we need to do some tests, trickings, and page parameter calculations. For example, we can use “Paddings” in the plugin action to add free space between the page breaking points. So, @bootstrapperideas thank you for sharing feedback as it’s how we need to try to achieve the desired result while using the Page Break feature.

@anthony.viel In case the issue still persists, we can take a look at your app and try to provide a few suggestions to make it work. For this, just add our account to the list of your app’s Collaborators. :pray:t2:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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